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ChemWorld, LLC is selling to your Company or to the Purchaser on the understanding that your company or that the Purchaser is assuming all responsibilities for the resale or export of the products in question. Certain ChemWorld, LLC products are classified as ECCN 2B350 and require export licenses from the Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) to all countries listed in CB Column 2 on the BIS Country Chart. See ear/pdf/738spir.pdf for the chart. It is necessary to ensure that our customers understand and abide by all applicable U.S. and international export controls and related laws. Upon purchasing the product you agree, as an explicit condition precedent, it assumes any and all export compliance responsibilities related to any export or reexport of these products and that your company is in compliance with the laws and regulations described below.

U.S. Export Control Law Compliance

1) In consideration for its purchases of product from ChemWorld, LLC, Purchaser agrees that it will determine any export and reexport license requirements to export the products from the United States and, as applicable, to reexport the products outside the United States, obtain any export or reexport license or other official authorization, and carry out any customs formalities for the export or reexport of the commodity, using a duly authorized U.S. agent.  

The undersigned hereby certifies that products purchased from ChemWorld, LLC will not be exported, sold, transferred or used in violation of any applicable regulations including, if applicable: (a) the U.S. Export Administration Regulations; (b) the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR); (c) the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention; and (d) applicable U.S. sanctions and embargoes administered by the U.S. Department of Treasury.

The purchasing company or Purchaser hereby certifies that the products purchased from ChemWorld, LLC will not be used, directly or indirectly, in nuclear explosive activities; unsafeguarded nuclear activities or nuclear fuel cycle activities; or in the design, development, production, stockpiling, or use of chemical weapons, biological weapons, or missiles or unmanned air vehicles.

The purchasing company or Purchaser hereby acknowledges that is prohibited from participating in or supporting international boycotts of certain foreign countries, including Israel, if such boycotts are not sanctioned by the U.S. Government.

The purchasing company or Purchaser hereby certifies that no payment or offer of payment has been made to a foreign official to induce that official to influence any government act or decision to assist in obtaining or retaining business associated with ChemWorld, LLC in any way.

ChemWorld "USP" or "Food Grade" Products:

ChemWorld, LLC does not provide any product application advice or consulting on handling, storage, or use of any product designated as "Food Grade" or "USP" grade under or not under the ChemWorld, LLC brand.

Information posted on any ChemWorld, LLC website about "USP" or "Food Grade" must be further reviewed and researched by the user or purchaser for accuracy pertaining to the use of any "USP or "Food Grade" posting regarding the products application and agrees not to hold Chemworld, LLC responsible for any incorrect information that may be posted regarding the topic of what makes a product "Food Grade" or "USP" certified. The purchaser or user agrees to seek additional professional consulting advice prior to use any "USP' or "Food Grade" product in or around any food, beverage, medical, human consumption applications.

The purchaser or user of any ChemWorld, LLC "USP" or "Food Grade" branded product agrees to follow the product warning label. The user or purchaser is responsible for all costs for any litigation brought against the use of their products that may or may not have used a ChemWorld, LLC branded "USP" or "Food Grade" product that was used in or around any food, beverage, medical, or human consumption applications and releases all responsibilities brought forth against ChemWorld, LLC. The purchaser will responsible for any damages that may occur to the ChemWorld brand as a result of improper application use of any ChemWorld product.

Any researcher using a Chemworld, LLC seeking information regarding the topic of "USP" or "Food Grade" agrees NOT use any information from any ChemWorld, LLC website for any product that is used around or in food, beverage, medical, or human consumption applications and must seek other resources on the topics of "Food Grade" and "USP".